Logistics And Storage Service

Posted by Merih Transport

As Merih transport, we offer our customers the logistics and storage service with a supply chain, in order to make them one step ahead in today’s competitive conditions. It works by reducing every issue to the finest detail and preventing all possible problems from the beginning. Our company, which carries its logistics systems to advanced levels, hosts large shipments with open and closed storage areas.


Storage Methods

Merih transport is always in the first place in terms of storing, optimizing the warehouse and managing the stock processes by managing the logistics system in the best way.

Storage systems offered by our company;

-general storage with shelves,

-bulk general storage,

-hanger storage for textiles,

-cold storage,

-customs storage,

-automatic storage,

-transfer center storage

Merih transport works with all kinds of information in the warehouse area with barcode control by keeping the process management under control. It has implemented the storage systems like FIFO, LIFO etc. flawlessly and made series tracking easier.

Working with high quality standards, our company provides the best service by equipping its professional team with the latest technology within the scope of logistics and storage services. Considering the market conditions, the most affordable prices are always made with the payment methods you will determine. Its warehouses, which are fully compliant with all national and international quality standards, work insured against accidents and natural disasters and prevent your victimization.