Combined Transport Services

Posted by Merih Transport

As Merih transport we serve without compromising on quality in combined transportation services. We offer a perfect service by combining years of experience with advanced technology. It is always at the top of the preference lists in the combined transportation service where the transportation takes place by using at least two shipping modules (such as road and sea route) from the exit point to the destination point.


Benefits To Be Gained By Combined Transport Services

By offering combined transportation service to its customers Merih transport offers the benefits of ;

-Safe shipment regardless of the quantity of cargo,

-Taking advantage of the flexible loading and distribution opportunities of the highway,

-Consolidating and combining products

-Ensuring the harmony of the transportation systems brought together,

-Performing the heavily loaded shipments in the most economical way

We apply the combined transportation service in the best way to eliminate the problems that may be encountered by keeping the process from the first exit to the delivery under control. Merih transport contributes to increase the profit margin in imports and exports by creating a safe transport chain in national and international transport. With its professional staff and fleet equipped with the latest technology, it offers a transportation service that you can get with peace of mind by insuring even the smallest detail. It avoids time and financial losses by applying the criteria of taking from the address and delivering it to the address.