Road Transport

Posted by Merih Transport

As Merih transport, we have been fulfilling the principle of customer satisfaction, which we have determined as the first goal since the day we were founded, with our understanding that does not compromise on quality. With the latest technology vehicles, our professional team and our advanced service network, we promise that the transportation will pass in peace from the beginning to the end. With the insurance service we provide at the beginning of the transportation, we guarantee even the smallest detail and prevent you from being victimized by taking all the responsibility against the problems that may occur.


Our Leadership In Road Transport

As Merih transport, we carry out trouble-free shipments with our personnel who have full knowledge of customs legislation in national and international transportation. We offer the assurance that it will go one step further in import and export with the necessary locations and studies in domestic and abroad.

Our features that makes us leaders in our industry;

-Delivery on time and with confidence,

-Regular shipments domestically or abroad,

-Using the developing technology in the field of service and expert staff team,

-Large vehicle fleet of equity and a developed agency network,

-Remote control and tracking system of vehicles,

-Delivery from and to a designated point.

As a result of the transportation service with Merih transport, you will be one step ahead in every aspect, you will maximize profit margin and minimize costs. The only thing needed for a trouble-free transportation is to contact us.