Maritime Transport

Posted by Merih Transport

Merih transport serves with the awareness that the sea route covers a large percentage of world trade. Our company has taken its place in all required national and international memberships and has adopted the trade center as the world and has increased its transportation service to advanced levels. Thanks to its wide agency network, it has made the intercontinental logistics issue simple with fast and easy solutions to its customers. It carries out its transportation from the desired port to the designated port and deliver to the address.


Quality In Maritime Transport

Merih transport works by combining years of experience with developing technology and adopting the understanding of perfect service. Thanks to its fleet, which is fully compatible with the shipment needs, and its expert work team, it carries out all its shipments smoothly. It always maintains its place at the top of the list in realizing the shipments in the fastest way, easily and economically.

Merih transport takes all responsibility from the very beginning to the end of the transportation with the assurances it has given. You can contact us at any time and examine our service quality, employees, wide and well-equipped fleet. You can review our references by taking a look at the comments made by our customers about us and our services. You can get quick and clear answers to all your questions about transportation. We serve as the only address you can contact in order to import and export in peace of mind and avoid any problems.